About Us

Greetings dear viwers

I am Nipun .  you could call me Shiro(which is my code name) . An engineer by the day job and a enthusiastic fragrance reviewer as full time hobby.  I saw there is a big hole in fragrance community where the information regarding fragrances, Specially fragrance for men  in internet. So the sole purpose of this website is to give information regarding various fragrances available in the world, the seasonal effects of region wide for fragrances  (You know England summer is not india’s summer right) and cheap clones of expensive fragrances.


I don’t have a huge collection of fragrances, yet i have a decent collection and i am also had a lot of experience with smell testing most popular ones (Yeah i am that weird guy you see in malls with lot of smell testers). If i have time i would definitely find places where you could try out samples for free and posting on this site as well.


Overall fragrance smell is something very debatable.  When someone find a great fragrance where another find it as a shit smellier. So i hope you guys go easy with me in some reviews and feel free to always put your comments in posts as well as contact me with contact us form. I would reply you happily at anytime.  Hope you find my articles are interesting and helpful