Armaf Craze – Parfums de Marly Pegasus clone

Armaf Craze

Armaf Craze

Starling perfume’s house of armaf is very famous for introducing mind blowing clones for famous niche fragrances. Armaf craze is one of their collection which grab my attention. There are several reason’s for that. Main thing is it’s Armaf line’s first EDP fragrance or which I only know off. 2nd thing is the crazy similarity between the 2 fragrances. 3rd point is mimicry of long lastingness of fragrance. All in all together, if you are under the budget of 30$ and want to try something fancy for a change , Armaf Craze did a good job. Unless you are some sort of a fragrance expert or a in house perfumer, hardly anyone notice the difference between two fragrances after the dry down.


Parfums de Marly Pegasus clone

Parfums de Marly Pegasus is a great fragrance. One of a kind and very elegant fragrance. Specially if you are not experience with several fragrances and this is the first time you are going at it then , this might be not for you because pegasus is hard to pull of fragrance due to its manly notes and rival flowery notes. But if you can pull if off then it would be one of the best fragrances you will able to smell . Armaf craze is in the similar caliber. Except for the fact that some notes are not really available on the perfume yet its still do a good job.


Scent and notes

almond-Armaf Craze
almond-Armaf Craze
Opening notes

This is pretty much a liner fragrance. You don’t see a big miracles in dry down or opening. The main thing I can tell is major notes are almond , Vanilla , Heliotrope and lavender. Other small notes kicked in the dry down but not to make a big impact.

Dry down

Amber , Sandalwood , cumin and bergamot with few other flowery notes play as the back up role in Armaf craze . Yet it wont change main components just like Pegasus.



Very good long lasting fragrance. Armaf house is known for their masterity with long lasting perfumes. Specially since this is EDP concentration it long last pretty clear to 10 hours. I don’t think it will be as good as it’s original contender but pretty near to the pegasus’s performance. One thing to note though it won’t be projecting the whole time you are wearing it. It just that if you smell your cloths or your spray area after 10 to 12 hours still you can sell the perfume without a big problem.


Armaf craze is not project like vintage fragrances where you spray 2 shots and whole room filled with fragrance smell. It is rather a skin scent after good 3 to 4 hours of projection. So this is a borderline fragrance for best projecting fragrances. Anything that projects more than 4 to 5 hours considered to be amazing. I would give good marks for its projection . A great fragrances from armaf house indeed.


Do you think Armaf craze’s versatility will be any different than the original Pegasus? Guess again . Its not . This is a colder weather fragrance with lot of sweet and flowery notes. So you have to have a confident to pull it off. If you are a shy personality with not so much social interactions. Then this is not your cup of tea. You need to smell like the boss and girls like a masculine attitudes with hint of a floral notes. So I do not recommend this fragrance to any one who is not experience with perfumes for some time.



Armaf trying to do something different this time with the fragrance. Whole new big box with a new mechanism to take out the bottle. Also a trying there best to give the feel of a niche fragrance by big bottle and unique leather wrap around the bottle. They did a good job. That my only complain is bottle cap is not good. Its plastic even though its heavy and its finger print magnet. So basically that is the only down fall. Sprayer is in the medium range. So can’t blame for that It is somewhat unique and I like it.



Price is the best thing when it come to armaf fragrances. The craze you can buy for very cheap price in the market. Currently its bit elevated due to the fact that its popular. So you can search and find one for very less price point. There is another fragrance called Armaf Craze Noir . Which is a new one and same note break down as Armaf craze but smell note as same as the craze. Check out while its pretty cheap now too.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances .Here i will link to verified Amazon Starling perfumes store.If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Starling perfumes showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)



Armaf craze is a great EDT concetrantion fragrance with identical smell to the Parfums de Marly Pegasus. The fragrance last longer than 10 hours and project for 4 hours without an issue. The main notes are floral and suited mainly for winter days and night outs. For the price tag it is an excellent fragrance.



Scent – 8.5
Projection – 8.5
Presentation – 8.0
Versatility – 8.5
Longevity – 9.0
overall – 42.5/50

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