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A signature fragrance for men

A fragrance for men is not just his smell. its his signature. As a man you need a signature. A signature define by your appearance and behavior. When It comes to appearance it does not necessarily means appearance . It includes your cloths, your smile and your scent. Recent scientific discovery found that women more focus on the scent of a man than his appearance. So you have to be unique with not only appearance but with your scent. This is where I am coming to your aid. Today we are going to look at one of the best fragrance for men at all the times. “Aventus” by house of creed.Unique scent of creed aventus caught hearts of many women and considered to be best complement getters of all the time in fragrance business.

A historical fragrance

The creed Aventus was inspired by the dramatic life of a famous french emperor Napoleon Bonaparte who is skilled in war , romance and peace at equal terms. Olivier Creed introduced the fragrance for 250th anniversary of house of creed in 2010. Olivier tried to make the Aventus one of the best fragrance for men in fragrance history by trying to use the ingredients related to french emperor. One such a instance is using blackcurrant from Mediterranean island where napoleon born. Now that 8 years after the initial introduction of creed aventus, Its still hold the title of best fragrance for men without breaking a sweat.

Scent and notes

The funny thing about Creed Aventus is the fragrance slightly varies between batch variations.Which nowadays a trend with fragrance for men. I will try to discuss each batch variation difference in a different article. These are the most generic creed aventus notes regardless of the perfume batch variations.

Opening notes

Opening notes are a slight mixture of bergamot(which is basically smell like citris), blackcurrant, pine apple(there are 2 versions. Smoked pine apple and natural pine apple) and Calville Blanc apples. because of that opening is very pleasant and gives a very fruity and smoky smell to outside.

Dry Down

With the dry down smell turned into woody (birch and oak moss), roses jasmine and touch of vanilla scent and continue to emit the mixture of fruity and woody notes over period of time.


Aventus easy the one of most long lasting fragrance for men. Any season other than summer, it will keep projecting for good 12 hours. In your cloths it will remain for more than a day. The summer in Europe where it goes around 20 to 25 this will last for like 10 hours. In middle east or in any heated summer countries this will give around 8 hours longevity due to high heat. So this is easily out perform any many fragrance for men which considered great.


Best aspect of creed aventus is projection. It doesn’t matter even if you wore a billion dollar fragrance yet no one can recognize it. Creed has a great projection range and keeps a long smell trait. Good thing about creed is the smell does not dry off with the time. Everyone can smell creed around you even after 8 hours of spray.


Creed Aventus is well, I would say suited for high class events or functions such as a get together, meeting, wedding, dinner out or anything which has significant memory attached to it. It does not mean that you can wore it for daily activities, But Creed aventus has the “successful man” vibe. Which you need keep as a unique trait and make it not common to everyone.


fragrance for men

Creed has unique presentation of its own because Aventus inspired by the french emperor. So the print on the box is a knight on a horse. Box has a premium and unique design. Very unique bottle even with the creed family. The bottle itself enough to boost your confidence. The old bottles have a very ranged sprayer. But never bottles has reduced the amount in single shot. The cap has creed crest embedded to it which makes a very unique among fragrance for men. Creed Aventus come with 30, 75,120,250ml bottles.


fragrance for men

Aventus is expensive and it should be because its a legend of its generation. 120ml bottle goes from anywhere between 350$ to 450$ based on batch variation which is bit more expensive compared to other creed counter parts of fragrance for men But well worth it.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of frauds going on . Here i will link to creed’s official amazon store and Amazon authentic store. Or else you can buy from your local Authentic sellers.

So what is the best creed aventus batch

I would like to answer this question by common sense. All of them are best batches. I mean this is creed aventus you are talking about. May be there are differences between different batches but that can count for almost nothing. In the dry down it is harder to point of which batch is which. Also there are another point to consider. The scent is a relative subject. One man’s treasure is another man’s trash. But based on the performance and based on the popular demand, there are some batches were stand out in terms of smell and the performance. So we will talk about these in this article as someone need useful information. It is general note that a fragrance is best before 36 months of manufactured date. But if the bottle is well preserved with optimum conditions I have seen people using fragrances from 1960. So 36 month statement is not always true.

Noteworthy Classic Creed aventus batches.

Creed aventus 2011 11z01 batch

This is consider to be one of the all time great creed aventus batches arguably. This considered to be Pineapple dominant fruity batch. Main notes are Pineapple, Birch , oak moss and ambergris. The smokiness is lingering in the background. The performance is huge. It gives around 10 to 12 hours performance in beast mode. Moderate yet consistent sillage. Modern day aventus’s performance reduce to 6-8 hours but this one is one of the legend. The price. Well that is the problem this is becoming collectors item. A typical 100ml bottle can goes upto 1000$ in the market and it is getting rare and rare. I won’t be surprised if someday this bottle would sale for 10k dollars. But is it worth the money you pay. Well I probably won’t spend that much for a perfume bottle.

Creed aventus 2013 13z01 batch

If you considered 11z01 batch to be the best among the fruity batches of aventus, Arguably 13z01 batch is the best smoke batch of aventus. Smoked pine apple note play dominant note in the up top and black current , birch hanging around. The smoky note is very dense and known to keep smell trails compared to the fruity badge. Specially the smoky pine apple batch shines when it was smell in the air instead of up close. Much more better silage and the performance. Compared to 11z01 this one’s price is considered some what bearable yet still goes for almost 2 or 3 times more than the current Aventus market price.

2018 best creed aventus batch?

Creed aventus 2018 18B01 batch

18B01 batch considered one of the modern day great creed aventus fruity batches. Apple , pine apple and ambergris dominant in this batch and you can considered very well blend the fragrances together. Dominant note is apple in 18B01 batch. This might be different when the fragrance age but you won’t go wrong with this one because it is  a well known fact that aventus get better and better with the age just like good wine. One of the better fragrances in the modern day and have a decent silage and performance. The pine apple note keeps on the surrounding without vanish after some time. Definitely worth the price you pay.

Creed aventus 2017 17W11 batch

This is probably the closes you get to smoked pine apple batches from modern ERA. Creed have decided to go with fruity batch mainly and not going to keep the smoked batch. But 17W11 might be the latest one with creamy smoke pine apple batch. I think still It can’t be compare to the classic giants like 13z01 but still a better compare to many newer versions of creed aventus.But don’t expect same smokiness in modern aventuses.


From all the fragrance for men I have reviewed, Creed aventus is by far the best. The smell , the longevity, versatility, Projection and everything is a top notch. If you have bucks I would say go for it. There are lot of badge variations going on in creed aventus. But regardless of how many batches aventus has, when it comes to dry down all of them smells somewhat identical. So don’t be afraid to buy a aventus .The confidence and the uniqueness provided by Aventus can’t catch from any other Creed aventus clone in the world.


  • scent – 9.5
  • Projection – 10
  • Presentation – 10
  • Versatility – 9.5
  • Longevity – 10
  • overall – 49/50

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