Summer fragrance for men – Dior Sauvage

summer fragrance for men dior sauvage

Why a Summer Fragrance for men

Why a summer fragrance for men when I have a great expensive complement getter in my hand? and do I have to care about a season ? Indeed I understand your frustration. If you have these questions let me tell you my friend. You are a newbie to fragrance game. The main reason is fragrance behave differently in different heat. For example “Coach For Men Eau de Toilette” is a great winter fragrance. But when you spray it in a summer, people would say “Dude you are smelly as hell, consider using a good fragrance” . Because all fragrances are based on alcohol and chemicals. The evaporation effect on different chemicals behave differently in different temperature. So you need to make sure you wore right fragrance at right time. Thats where our hero comes in . Dior Sauvage, The best Summer fragrance for men.

Why Christian Dior Sauvage?

Most fragrances in summer don’t last long because evaporation is very high. Most fragrance contain alcohol. So Maximum you can get out of perfume is 2 hours. Then it either become skin scent or just vanish without a trace. The story of Sauvage is little bit different. The fragrance is inspired by wild , blue skies , rocky mountains and desert sun. Which basically means ideal for sunny weather. The fragrance easily last 12 hours with projection in summer countries. Which you don’t get from most fragrances even with Creed Aventus. So is this only for summer? . Not really The Summer fragrance for men Dior Sauvage is an all round performer. You can wore anywhere at anytime. But in summer where it gives the highest projection. Dior Sauvage is invention by Dior in-house perfumer, françois demachy which in my list easyly gets into the top 3 best summer fragrance for men.


Scent and notes

 ambroxan summer fragrance for men dior sauvage

Opening notes

Opening notes are consist of Ambroxan, Sichuan pepper, calabrian bergamot, Lavender and little bit of pink pepper. The scent mostly considered to be fruity and peppery smell.

Dry down.

The smell doesn’t change too much regardless of dry down or opening. But usually the Ambroxan scent get stronger in dry down and keep it like that for rest of the projection period.



In summer easily became one of the best long lasting summer fragrance for men at all the times. You could just spray it in your skin or shirt and you can get complements even after 12 hours of work . The good thing about dior Sauvage is even in the summer you still getting same performance as at any other conditions. Thats why it is a beast in summer.


This is where dior Sauvage shines in summer. You will get highest complements in summer if you are using It. The project is awesome in summer. Anyone can catch the smell trail of yours. Specially ladies would give you complements all the time and you will become an attention magnet. If you unsure in summer what to wore. Dio Sauvage is THE summer fragrance for men.


Dior Sauvage is very casual fragrance. It is good for day today work. But for a function or a special day this is not your goto perfume. Go for creed aventus or reflection man if you can afford. Sauvage is great for summer outing casual day to day office and daily activities. It can be used in winter but there are better fragrance for winter than sauvage which we going to discuss in future.


presentation of summer fragrance for men dior sauvage

Dior Sauvage is concatenation of 3 product line of Dior perfumes itself due to The name originated from eau sauvage from 1966 But they have no relation with the smell. The bottle presentation is came from la collection privée christian dior line. A cylinder bottle and magnetic cap.The bottle fade comes from dior fahrenheit. Overall this summer fragrance for men has big attention to the details and great presentation . Specially if you look inside the cap a fly and even in the botx there is a fly. Very good attention to the details.Bottles are come with 60 and 100ml EDT and EDP.(go for EDT because it has the best projection even though EDP have higher concentration)


size of summer fragrance for men dior sauvage

Dior Sauvage not exactly cheap but the money you spent on fragrance is well worth it in summer fragrance for men game. Price for Sauvage is around anywhere between 100$ to 120$ based on country and sellers for 100ml bottle. Make sure you don’t get caught for fake bottles.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances . Here i will link to Dior verified Amazon authentic store. If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local dior showroom. (kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


All in all You need to keep a dior sauvage in your collection for summer use. Don’t believe me just buy a sample and try it at summer and check the reactions of people around you. You will be amazed. In my humble personal opinion, I would give the title of best summer perfume for men to the dior sauvage because its beast mode performance in summer .


  • Scent – 9.0
  • Projection – 9.5
  • Presentation – 10
  • Versatility – 8.5
  • Longevity – 10
  • overall – 47/50


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