Bvlgari aqva amara – Beach fragrance for men

Bvlgari aqva amara – Beach fragrance for men

Beach fragrance for men

When you are near to the summer you know the feeling of visiting the beautiful beach with fresh scent of a beach fragrance for men like Bvlgari aqva amara all over your sexy naked body. Well if you don’t felt it before its time to enjoy your life a bit and enjoy the sunshine and the smooth water as well as the waves from the beautiful beach. House of Bvlgari is famous for the summer fragrance game with its eye catching fragrances with great performance in summer days. Specially the Bvlgari aqva amara gives the wonderful feeling of ocean waves and beach. If you are someone between 25 to 40 years old and want to have a great sexy fragrance for heavy sunshine in a great beach then, Bvlgari aqva amara is your cup of tea.

Bvlgari aqva amara


Bvlgari aqva amara is the third flanker from the house of bvlgari, aqva line as the successor of all famous Bvlgari aqva marine. Not like the predecessor, Bvlgari aqva amara contain very less but noticeable notes. You don’t find very very complex notes breakdown in this fragrance. Rather its very simple aquatic beach fragrance for men. Fragrance was introduced at 2014 by famous in house perfumer jacques cavallier from house of Bvlgari. The name Aqva amara originated from the name Bitter water or the scent from lime though Amara is very ancient catchy name comes in many languages. The Fragrance has the concentration of EDT level.


Scent and notes

Bvlgari aqva amara – Beach fragrance for men

Opening notes

Very very light opening notes. Sicilian mandarin burst out with first wave of spray and then the watery and neroli notes comes after that . Its surprising that it gives such a breezy smell just from very few notes

Dry down

In the dry down Patchouli kicks in. Which always gives very mature and manlyness for the fragrance. So This is the main reason why its not that much suit for younger audience. The fragrance mixed with mandarin , watery notes neroli and patchouli gives very manly yet beachy smell. Very cool and calm smell. Gives the vibe of “Confident yet free man”


For a fresh summer fragrance Bvlgari aqva amara do a great justification. Its comparatively very long lasting. Typically somewhere between 6 to 7 hours in high heat. Thats is indeed a great achievement. But if you are in the part of world where summer means 40C then probably less than that of longevity. But all in all compare to other beach fragrance for men, Bvlgari aqva amara have very decent longevity and almost there with almighty dior sauvage.



You know when there are good heat , the projection also works perfectly well. Usually Bvlgari aqva amara projects between to 2 to 3 feet of the wearer and stays there for 2 to 3 hours. After that scent become faint. Which is acceptable because the essence concentration on Bvlgari aqva amara is EDT and this is kind of a cheap fragrance so I think its very decent projection with the time comparatively.


See . The article title itself is Beach fragrance for men. So you have to understand the lazy fact that this is not so good versatility scent. According to my knowledge and opinion Bvlgari aqva amara is great in Summer , in beaches and in day time for crowd age between 25 to 40 or anywhere around 40. So Very limited versatility. My advice is keep a 50ml bottle if you are going on a vacation for a beach side island like sri lanka or Mauritius or Hawaii or Ibiza.


Amazing . Very high marks for the presentation from box to the bottle itself. The box is very colorful brownish and redish with silver colored letters written in it. The bottle can be stored very safely inside the box. The bottle have very very unique design like a pearl.It also have the brownish and grey two color combination. Fingerprint magnet though. But don’t wipe the bottle too hard or the writings might get fade away. Sprayer have 2 parts. One you can do a light spray. Or you can do a full blown wide mist. One of the good sprayers I have seen so far.


Since this is a designer fragrance, Price is considerably low. I would say pretty much affordable price range. Bottles come with 50ml as well as 100ml bottles. 50Ml bottle can be go low as 50$ while the 100ml bottle goes between 70$ to 90$. So I think it would be good affordable fragrance. If you just dive to amazon, then you would able to find lot more cheaper deals. But be careful to not buy fake or refurbished old ones.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances. Here i will link to verified Amazon Bvlgari store. If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Bvlgari showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


I believe Bvlgari aqva amara is a great beach fragrance for men with its mandarin, watery and neroli scent. Specially a day time fragrance in the summer. Compare with the price tag it is giving a decent sillage as well as longevity. Specially in heavy sunlight its a great achievement.

Ratings (in summer heat)

  • Scent – 8.0
  • Projection – 9.0
  • Presentation – 9.5
  • Versatility – 7.5
  • Longevity – 9.0
  • overall – 43/50


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