Compliment getter fragrance-Carolina Herrera CH Men

Carolina Herrera CH Men - Best compliment getter fragrance

Best compliment getter fragrance

Carolina Herrera CH Men is one of the best compliment getter fragrance I know for long time. The smell and the versatility is top notch with this fragrance and you can’t go wrong with it. Carolina Herrera CH Men boost your confident infront of lot of difficult scenarios with a big hype and helps you to overcome difficult situations. Specially when its come to girls, hot girls, guys tend to be very timid and shy. But This fragrance will help you to get over it and get lots of compliments and get lucky with your date in the first night.


Carolina Herrera CH Men?

Carolina Herrera CH Men introduced in 2009 as a coupled to Carolina Herrera CH women which released in 2007. The fragrance is inspired by “unity of oposites” . That means basically designers main intention was to use this fragrance for dates and complements. That is why Carolina Herrera CH Men becomes a best compliment getter fragrance. There are so many variations of Carolina Herrera CH Men with regards to batch code and reformulate but we are mainly talking here about Carolina Herrera CH Men 2014 or earlier versions . I will do a review of other versions later date.


Scent and notes

Carolina Herrera CH Men - leather
Carolina Herrera CH Men – leather
Opening notes

Carolina Herrera CH Men is mainly a woody and leathery fragrance even though there are lot of complex notes in it. The opening notes are Bergamot , grape fruit and grass. But it just vanish and leathery and woody smell comes from opening onwards

Dry down.

Middle notes of Carolina Herrera CH Men are saffron, woodsy , violet while the base notes are vanilla, leather , sugar, amber,moss , sandalwood and few more rare notes. But to be honest. This fragrance mostly you can smell is , Sweet and leathery and woodsy. And mix of it. Even though other notes are there the dominant notes are usually define the fragrance


Even though this is a best compliment getter fragrance for men, The longevity is somewhat moderate. That means for Carolina Herrera CH Men gets around 4 to 6 hours performance maximumly in winter while in summer it goes down to 2 to 4 and then become skin scent. Its always advisable to keep a travel atomistic with you. So you can apply it every 3 hours or so.



Projection also moderate with Carolina Herrera CH Men even though it is a great compliment getter fragrance for men. You get very limited range of projection like 2 feets or so but that is more than enough to arouse women all around you. But keep in mind. Don’t over spray to get more projection because it wont and it only dense the smell which is bad. Too much of everything is very bad. Same goes for the Carolina Herrera CH Men as well.


One of the most versatile fragrances ever made in fragrance game. You can wore this at summer, winter , autumn , spring even in moon or space you can wore this. This may be something to do with leathery smell or less projection but all in all this fragrance is great versatile fragrance. You can wore it everyday for 2 years without any problem at all.


Carolina Herrera CH Men - Best compliment getter fragrance

You know Carolina Herrera. They are great niche house. So the products are well and good quality. Box is white and the red line goes middle of it signature tie. The bottle is superb quality as well the bottle wrap with a leather jacket and the red tie is there in the bottle while CH batch clipped to the tie. Cap is not very heavy but silver colored. Sprayer is okay. Its get the job done . Overall great presentation



Due to the vast popularity as a one of the great compliment getter fragrance for men, the Carolina Herrera CH Men have priced up and hipped over the time. Specially the older ones where before reformulate in 2014. the older version of Carolina Herrera CH Men goes around 100$ a 100ml bottle and 50$ for 50ml bottle.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances .
Here i will link to verified Amazon Carolina Herrera store.
If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Carolina Herrera showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


Carolina Herrera CH Men is a great compliment getter fragrance for men. One of the best of its category and with the years of experience. If you are going to buy one, get the 2014 or earlier version with red tie. It is stronger and have better performance compare to the new version. If your sole purpose of wore fragrance is get complements from women, This is your gem.


  • Scent – 9.0
  • Projection – 8
  • Presentation – 9.0
  • Versatility – 10
  • Longevity -8
  • overall – 44/50


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