Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive – A girl magnet

Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive

Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive


Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive is a improved and Successor of famous CCarolina Herrera CH Men. The fragrance was renown for its compliment factor just as its predecessor and very mass appealing fragrance. I don’t want Carolina Herrera CH Men prive to be a comparison of two fragrances. Rather I am going to talk to the point and tell you exactly what I am thinking of the fragrance what I have experience and whats good in Carolina Herrera CH Men prive .

First of all, This is not a beast fragrance or bomb fragrance where guys can dive into gril’s arms. Or make girls go crazy fragrance. This is pretty appealing and masculine fragrance. It gives the alpha male vibe to anyone who smells it. So may be this fragrance was not so much popular among guys but with girls this fragrance is competing with La nuit de l’homme and Creed aventus. So I would definitely encourage anyone to goto shop and blind buy it for usage. The fragrance was launched in 2015 as a lucid theme of “Sensually and an evocative allure” .


Scent and notes

Carolina Herrera CH Men - leather

Opening notes

Grape fruit , pomelo and whiskey which is also the top notes of the fragrance. But this smell doesn’t last long at all except for the whiskey part.


Dry down.

In dry down where the magic happen, All the base notes come to the top and gives leather, Tonka beans and whiskey smell all around because of that the alpha male vibe comes with dry down. The little bit of cardamom and floral scent with woodsy notes give the fragrance a oriental feeling to it.



Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive have a decent longevity. This is a winter fragrance because of that be careful when you think about performance of a summer. May be this is not a summer fragrance at all. Or this is a great fragrance for cold countries. Specially where even summer is pretty cold comparatively. Fragrance gives about 4 to 6 hour longevity without making a big mess of it.


Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive has a bubble projection of arm length. Which is I believe very good. You dont need a projection of 10 feet long around you and smell whole room like you when you going to dates. There are times you have to do it. There are times you don’t . I believe Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive is more of a date fragrance. So This projection is very good.


Probably not a high versatility fragrance. Carolina Herrera CH Men is more of an everyday fragrance while Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive is more strong and good where you go on a one night stand or a date because its strong and intense masculine nature. Which is I know most of you understand what I mean. This is a winter fragrance so recommend for summer at all. But hey you are that guy who wore a suit for beach party Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive also can be very versatile.



LOVE the presentation of Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive. Definitely after the compliments, my highest rating getter. Very manly design. Box is made of a jet black color. CHHC logo was embedded with golden colors. The bottle is as with black and white painting with golden colors. The upper half is jet black while lower is transparent. Cap is the most awesome out of all 3. Its like a liter. Where you just use your thumb to open and close the cap. I would go with sprayer is okay and I have seen worst sprayers so far.



Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive comes with 50ml and 100ml bottles with EDT concentration. 100Ml bottle goes for the price tag around 60$. But I would say you can live with a 50ml bottle of few samples if you are not in extensive dating in winter season. If you are planning to. Definitely buy the 50ml bottle because It worth your money. You have a higher success rate of making a women like you more than any other fragrance available in current market. Even the reformulated la nuit de l’homme cant compete with This fragrance.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances .Here i will link to verified Amazon Carolina Herrera store. If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Carolina Herrera showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)



Carolina Herrera CH Men Prive is a brilliant compliment getter fragrance. Compared to its predecessor,perfume is stronger, intense and much more masculine. If you want to have an alpha male vibe then this is your pick. This fragrance’s strong not lies with the normal measures we used to measure a fragrance , but with the great attractiveness to women.



  • Scent – 8.5
  • Projection – 8.0
  • Presentation – 9.5
  • Versatility – 8.0
  • Longevity – 8.0
  • overall – 45/50 (I add 3 point just for the pure compliment factor)




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