Dunhill Icon – Gentlemen fragrance for men

Dunhill Icon - Gentlemen fragrance for men

A Gentlemen Fragrance for men

When I say a gentlemen fragrance for men, you would definitely wonder like is there are even a thing? A gentlemen fragrance? What kind of concept is that? I will tell you a scenario. A place with lots of high class people, like a royal ball where you have to wear all high and mighty and dance with a exquisite girls and have exquisite drinks, Dunhill Icon would be an ideal candidate for such a occasion. This fragrance have lots of manly notes in it and very complex blend. So whoever smell it from you would probably think you are wearing something really expensive and upclass.

Dunhill Icon

Dunhill Icon is the breakthrough fragrance for designer house Alfred Dunhill. They have introduce a fragrance line called Dunhill desire, but the really fire comes to the fragrance scene from the 2015 fragrance release Dunhill Icon. Fragrance community was quickly grow with this fragrance which lead them to introduce 4 plankers after that but none of them seem to have got the magic of Dunhill Icon. Carlos Benaim the perfumer for Dunhill icon has said this fragrance is used to bring the “The classic heritage of House Alfred dunhill with a touch of modernity”. So far one of the most complex note fragrances I have smelled in fragrance game and I would say they did a good job for the price tag as well as  amateur fragrance house.

Scent and notes

Neroli Dunhill Icon - Gentlemen fragrance for men

Opening notes

Mass pleasing Bergamot, Masculine Neroli, manly black pepper and fabric smelled lavender gives on up top a great scent of gentlemen fragrance for men.  Neroli notes are little bit of synthetic but not in a bad way.

Dry down.

Opening wouldn’t last long more than 15 minutes. Then the serious notes comes in. The juicy bergamot and all the juicy notes gone. The neroli stays strong while spice notes, lavender notes as well as cardamom, juniper berries, leather, iris , vetiver , oak moss and what not lots of complex note blend come out . This makes Dunhill Icon a very serious masculine gentlemen fragrance for men. You know the silent cool guy vibe. Love the mix give it good score.


If I say there is a problem with Dunhill Icon, It’s sadly going to be in the performance and longevity department. In a cold environment where the vaporizing is lower, you will get around solid 5 to 6 hours longevity with good smell. Especially the dry down complex notes vanish one by one till only leather and neroli left. In a hot weather it will mostly around 4 to 5 hours longevity. So I suggest you to keep a travel atomizer with you whenever possible to refresh when scent is fainting away


Moderate Projection overall. People won’t find you from 20 feet away. It was rather arm length smell .As long as someone comes to the personal space of yours. They will immediately get the attractive and manly smell of a gentlemen fragrance for men. The Dunhill Icon has the magic of constantly keep the sillage for upto 2 to 3 hours after that sadly it gets lower and lower until it becomes skin scent. So performance wise not a beast. So again.  Travel atomizer is your friend.


As long as it’s not summer and too much heat, you can wore it pretty much everywhere. Especially since with all the complex notes. You don’t exactly get one sort of a smell. But I suggest this fragrance for bit more mature crowd than teens. Other than that high versatility fragrance. Great for high class occasions. Especially if you are to dress like a gentlemen and want to get attraction of ladies with something different than your everyday dior sauvage. Then Dunhill Icon will be a great gift to you.


Box of Dunhill Icon is not much of a wonder. But man the bottle is totally a ripper. Bottle made out of metal using silver colored scale skin. It takes cylinder shape and the bottle is very heavy to hold. Under the bottle made out of glass and you can see the juice from under it. Cap top made out of same metal but on top of it there is Dunhill logo. One of the better sprayers in the designer game and very beautiful bottle. Love the presentation. Very masculine



Price is in the middle layer of designer fragrances. 100ml bottle goes between 50$ to 60$ range and there is 50ml bottle as well as 100ml bottle. Since this is very versatile fragrance I would say go for 100ml bottle and spend money for a travel atomizer. So you won’t have to worry about moderate performance problem.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances .
Here i will link to verified Amazon Alfred dunhill store.
If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Alfred dunhill showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


If you want very masculine and gentlemen fragrance for men then Dunhill Icon is your cup of tea. Very masculine fragrance with complex blend of different notes which complement each other. For the price tag Dunhill Icon is a great versatile fragrance.


  • Scent – 9.0
  • Projection – 8.0
  • Presentation – 9.5
  • Versatility – 9.0
  • Longevity – 8.0
  • overall – 43.5/50


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