Inexpensive fragrance for men – Nautica Voyage

Inexpensive fragrance for men - Nautica Voyage

Classic Inexpensive fragrance for men

In our journey through the best fragrance for men, Best does not imply expensive, rather there are great Inexpensive fragrance for men available in the market which you pay very less bucks and get high value for it. Nautica Voyage is a classic example of these classic inexpensive fragrance for men available for men. There are many endorsements for this. If you don’t have bucks currently yet you want a fragrance that generally gives you good impressions then Nautica Voyage is your cup of tea.

Nautica Voyage

Nautica Voyage is a classic fragrance. Released in 2006 and currently have many many variations of this. Nautica Voyage recently reformulated and there are many stories regarding this but I am not planning to go onto these because batch variation is beyond our review discussion. The fragrance was designed by Maurice roucel and distributed from USA. Nautica Voyage is a summer and spring inexpensive fragrance for men. But keep in mind that this fragrance pretty good for indoors.

Scent and notes

Opening notes

Inexpensive fragrance for men - Nautica Voyage

Nautica Voyage is a very summery fragrance. It has this cool green grass land ,lake , summer vibe to it. Top notes are apple and green leaves. Basically very clean and freshly opening.

Dry down.

Dry down lotus, mimosa as middle notes and amber,musk,moss and woodsy as base notes. But All you get is Green leaves, apples and lotus scent. Which it has very summery feeling to it.


Longevity is basically not much. This is more of an indoor summer fragrance. If you went into high heat outside. It will last more like 3 hours maximum or even less. If you live in a trophical country. “Don’t wore this” . Even though this is an inexpensive fragrance for men. Sometimes you have to decide whether you are going to wore a plain water or at least something that has long lasting. In the indoors it will be last for around 4 to 5 hours.


Projection is moderate. You get 2 feet sillage from Nautica Voyage for maximum of 2 hours. Then it becomes very near skin scent. But as you all know for 2 reasons its enough . Number one . This is very inexpensive fragrance for men. Number two Its summer. What do you expect. All in all this can be change on the cloths you are wearing , Actual heat and the skin you got.


Don’t have big versatillity. This is very teen fragrance . Age group can be between 15 to 25. You can wear Nautica Voyage in summer and mostly in indoors.Which dont stop you from wearing it in winter and it won’t be soo ugly like some other fragrances. But to get most out of it . Mix it with your fragrance collection and wore in the summer day every now and then.


Average on the presenation . Box is very decent and little to no much details In it. Bottle is good though nice design and nice look. But plastic cap made it all very less premium. Sprayer is good quality. I have seen shit sprayers but this is somewhat bearable for me. All in all .This is a great presentation considering its an very inexpensive fragrance for men.


Price can be vary for Nautica Voyage because its huge verities. Before reformulate ones always costly and be goes around 40$ but usually normal Nautica Voyage 100ml bottle goes between 20$ to 25$.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances.Here i will link to verified Amazon Nautica store. If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Nautica showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


Even though its not a competitor to some big names Nautica Voyage is a great alternative and good inexpensive fragrance for men in the low summer heat. For the price you spend this gives you more than enough performance, smell and quantity. If you can find a Nautica Voyage batch before reformulate.


  • Scent – 8.5
  • Projection – 8.0
  • Presentation – 8.0
  • Versatility – 8.0
  • Longevity – 7.5
  • overall – 40/50


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