John Varvatos Artisan Pure – New summer fragrance

John Varvatos artisan pure

Bright summer fragrance for men with citrusy vibe

John Varvatos Artisan Pure is the newest release from the house of John Varvatos and considered a best citrus based fragrances in modern age. This is very bright and clean fragrance that makes you pleasant in front of others. Artisan Pure is released as a flanker to the original John Varvatos Artisan. But compare to that fragrance this is a totally different genes and highly recommend for daily usage in summer days.


John Varvatos Artisan Pure

When it comes to John Varvatos, there is a new story with each and every fragrance and the nose behind this fragrance is famous perfumer Rodrigo flores-roux. This is his 15th year in house of John Varvatos and for last 14 years he made one fragrance for each year with many many amazing perfumes. Being a Mexican , Rodrigo inspired the artisan pure by mexico’s nature . His own words it is the beautiful coffee cultivation lands , the citrus groves and hills.

Scent and notes


Opening notes

Obviously the opening is high concentration of citrus blast. There are many different type of citrus notes there including clementine, mandarine , bergamot and lemon. Pretty much all the citrus you can get.

Dry down

Dry down , again citrus but now its mixed with woodsy notes with bit of spice as well as tiny hint of sweetness. Which is no lot more but amazingly there is a tiny potion. So I don’t think you can expect lot of variations from open to dry down but Amber and must comes to play at the very end can be considered a tiny variation


Artisan Pure have very moderate longevity. But it really amazed me because we all know citrus blast is a thing only happen in the opening for most perfumes. After that citrus goes away. It is very hard to keep citrus for longer period of time. But ladies and gentlemen Artisan pure long last 6 solid hours in a summer day with the amazing citrus blast. So by any means I don’t consider the Artisan pure’s longevity has problems.


The projection is not in beast mode. Usually very pleasant arm length. Specially citrus based fragrances smell good with close up rather than all around you. So when you spray limit it to maximum of 3 sprays or less. And let it lingers around you to give the clean freshness feeling to others. Since silage dry down after first 2 hours. you need to keep a small 10ml decant to fresh yourself once every now and then to keep up the breeze around you. I would say every 5 hours a fresh 3 sprays would be more than enough to smell like fresh out of the bath all day.


When you wearing citrus it is a great at anywhere at anytime. That is the main reason why the bergamot is literally every fragrance nowadays. But I believe bring fragrance like John Varvatos Artisan Pure should be worn in sunny days in summer or spring. It is not suited too much winter or autumn because that would be an ideal time for a good sweet perfume. It is also a day time fragrance and suited for both male and female audience even though it is labeled for men.


House of John Varvatos famous for their amazing perfume bottle design. It is no exception for the Artisan pure. Box contain little bit of texture on the one side and on the other side the bottle was pictured. Bottle is covered with white straw weaving. Bottle is frosted white finish. The cap as well as the bottom is made out of wooden material. The sprayer is wide and thick mist. One of the best out there. Overall I believe it is having the one of the best presentation of all.


Bottle comes with the size of 75ml to 125ml. Which is bit of out of design nowadays but unique to john varvatos. 125Ml bottle goes between 80$ to 120$ based on the season and the time frame. Since it is quite new release , there is a big chance for a good hype in this summer. So tune it in. Price is very well within the limit of any normal designer fragrance. So I would say a decent uncommon buy for a summer.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances. Here i will link to verified Amazon John Varvatos store. If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local John Varvatos showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


John Varvatos Artisan Pure can be considered one of the brightest and citrus perfume of all the time. Very good for summer day time. Since it is a latest release in 2017 , There is a high chance that this perfume goes into hype in this summer. So If you want to smell cool and different in beach, Artisan Pure would be your best friend.


  • Scent – 8.0
  • Projection – 8.0
  • Presentation – 9.5
  • Versatility – 9.0
  • Longevity – 9.0
  • overall – 43.5/50


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