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Mont Blanc Individuel

Why so hyped Mont Blanc Individuel?

Mont Blanc Individuel used to be very cheap fragrance for men. But with the recent trend the prices went up. So What is so good about Mont Blanc Individuel? Can a cheap fragrance able to offer a heavenly define scent where it beats creed aventus or amouage reflection man? . The answer Is NO but soo close. How about that. You pay 10 times less for a fragrance that give almost the feel of niche fragrance. Too good to be true right. Thats right thats why the sellers though meh . We going to make Mont Blanc Individuel status high and hyped up with the price.


Mont Blanc Individuel was launched in 2003 or 2002. The fragrance was created by Pieere Bourdon. A Big name behind big fragrances in Mont Blanc germen company. The fragrance was soon went into fame after the introduction of creed original santal, A great niche fragrance. Lots of people mistaken the Mont Blanc Individuel as a clone of creed original santal but its the other way around. Mont Blanc Individuel came 2 years earlier than the creed original santal. So it should get the credit it deserved from fragrance community.

Scent and notes

Mont Blanc Individuel raspberry

Opening notes

Mont Blanc Individuel Oriental woody cheap fragrance for men. So many notes are there in this fragrance. Lots of people smell lot of differently. A quick search told me that raspberry ,Rosemary , pineapple , coriander,cinnamon,lavender ,juniper berries ,orange blossoms jasmine and lot more spices in it.

Dry down

In the dry down fragrance get more and more raspberry, juniper berries, vanilla and cinnamon scent. Its not that the other scents are gone but they also there but mainly these 3 scents are very noticeable in Mont Blanc Individuel. Raspberry scent though have a bit of synthetic smell in it.


Longevity if you live in a cold weather country it would be around 7 hours maximum and in a hot country 5 to 6 hours give or take. Mont Blanc Individuel is not a monster killer when it come to longevity but compared with other cheap fragrance for men I would say this is one of the great ratings


Projection is around 2 hours for 2 or 3 feet from your skin and then slowly the scent dry down and at the 4th hour it becomes an skin scent. This is depending on the place you live in and the season though . I would say if you live in a cold country Mont Blanc Individuel gives around 2 hours to 2.5 hour maximum range projection .


This is a authentic scent fragrance. Good for any age and also good for less sweeter places. Because this fragrance is very sweet. So specially not good in a meeting or a formal occasion . Other than that this fragrance is good. Oh remember this is a winter and fall fragrance and can be used in early spring as well


Mont Blanc Individuel presenation


Very normal. Not so big on the presentation wise. That said though the box and the bottle is decent enough. The sprayer is okay and give a wide and big mist. You don’t want to over spray this fragrance. Cap is bit pain to remove but can do it without big deal.


Price vice this used to be great fragrance. The price was ranged between 25 to 30$ in the market for Mont Blanc Individuel 75ml bottle. Which is great price for a good cheap fragrance for men. But with recent hype by various fragrance reviewers and sellers took it to another level and now its cost around 60$ to 70$. if someone say that price “Don’t buy it” . There are always places sell it for its original price. If you know how to use google well I am sure you will find a good Mont Blanc Individuel will very less price or near to the original price.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances .
Here i will link to verified Amazon Mont Blanc store.
If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Mont Blanc showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


Overall a great fragrance for old price. You can’t find any other fragrance other than armaf club de nuit intense men for this price and this good. Again remember the important stuff. Cold weather fragrance, 30$ should be the maximum you must pay, don’t wore it to formal occasions.


  • Scent – 9.0
  • Projection – 7.5
  • Presentation – 7.5
  • Versatility – 8
  • Longevity – 8
  • overall – 40/50


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