Moschino Uomo – Cheap Musky fragrance for men

Moschino Uomo – Cheap Musky fragrance for men

Cheap Musky fragrance for men? but why?

When it comes to cheaper fragrances, You will have to find rare gems out there because most of them are either too synthetic and very light performance. Today we are lucking to include one bad ass hidden classic gem of a cheap musky fragrance for men to our review collection. The thanks goes to jeremy fragrances for discovering it ( May be its little too bias. I saw from his review ) . few months back and I though why I shouldn’t review it. This perfume is perfect blend of a classic musky fragrance and a sweet oriental fragrance. So as you can understand this is bit of a mature scent

Moschino Uomo?

Even though you feel like Moschino company pretty unsure about their name by adding a question mark to its end like Moschino Uomo? , I personally believe they did a solid job. The fragrance was introduced by the company moschino in 1998. Yap its a classic. Yet it was there for years with out much notice to the outside world. Thankfully this fragrance is still continued for the day and pretty popular currently among crowd due to recent hype from different perfume reviewers. ( I am going to be one of them) . I think they trying to do many things from perfume by including fruit notes , floral notes, musky notes and spice notes but thankfully it was stuck there between a mix of a musky fragrance and soap fragrance.

Scent and notes

Moschino Uomo – Cheap Musky fragrance for men
Moschino Uomo – Cheap Musky fragrance for men
Opening notes

Opening is very citrus oriented. Even though musk is the dominant note , we all know citrus notes have the explosion behavior. These citrus smell come from a fruit called Kumquat. After that the musky notes and floral notes flow to your nose.

Dry down.

As with the dry down lot of notes kicked in . Specially these spicy notes coriander , cinnamon and unique notes like Brazilian rose wood. I was surprised for a bit because there was bit of ambergris in It. Overall very good fragrance smell. If not for the fact that it was overly complexed, this would be a perfect niche fragrance as well.


Good news is this cheap musky fragrance for men is a spring and summer day fragrance. So it’ s longevity is justifiable. In a good summer day it will last for maximum of 5 hours while in a spring little bit of a cold day you might expect maximum of 4 hours longevity. So Moschino Uomo can be consider as a mid range summer fragrance. But for the price tag this is pretty awesome. Little advice to all the readers. If you want to keep the fragrance longer , “Don’t ” over spray. It will end just as normal time. Rather keep a small decant.10ml one. So you can goto bathroom and refresh without anyone noticing.


Since this is a summer fragrance the projection is somewhat cool . It gives arm length bubble silage. Others can smell you when you pass them . Specially Moschino Uomo have a citrus and musk which also help the projection . In a summer day it will last around 2 hours to 3 hours on projection before it dries down and become a skin scent. I believe this is pretty much acceptable for a perfume that is cost less than 30$ for 100ml and smell like Amouage reflection man .


This cheap musky fragrance for men is having little bit of issues with versatility. Not that bad. You can casually wore it to lot of places but I believe it suited more for the mature audience where age is around 25 to 50. Also I think this is more of a suit perfume just like his expensive and awesome cousin amouage reflection man. That said anyone can wear this perfume regardless. I am not giving perfect points for versatility but not that bad to be honest.


Presentation is very standard to me. Nothing awesome or mind blowing but it’s good enough to be in your display cabinet. Box is made out of black and white strips and the Moschino Uomo ? Label printed on the side of it. Bottle completely different from the box and juice is somewhat golden or orangish color. The cap and the bottom is silver color. The sprayer is okay for me. I don’t think it is a dual function amazing perfumery sprayer but enough to spray a good mist.


Well this is the best part of it. I think this is the best fragrance I have reviewed so far in terms of money to quality to amount ratio. Moschino Uomo is very cheap musky fragrance for men that it only cost 16$ – 25$ for 125ml bottle. Thats like almost giving the fragrance away. You can hardly buy 10ml bottle of Creed aventus for 20$ but here you can buy a big juice for just under 25$. Is it worth it? Well if you think otherwise you are not this far down in the review now. 😀

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances .
Here i will link to verified Amazon Moschino store.
If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Moschino showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


Moschino Uomo is an amazing cheap musky fragrance for men which consist of citrus, musk flowery and spice notes. It is suit mostly for mature audience due to the musky nature. The price is the best you can ask for. Great frugal scent in all the aspects. If anyone want to smell good but on a budget. This should be your goto fragrance.


  • Scent – 8.5
  • Projection – 8.0
  • Presentation – 8.0
  • Versatility – 8.5
  • Longevity – 8.0
  • overall – 42/50 ( 1 point for amazing price tag)


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  1. Great review and thank you for putting a trusted link. I had an issue in the past buying online and was lucky I was able to get a refund. Thanks again.

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