Niche summer fragrance for men-Virgin island water

Niche summer fragrance for men

Niche summer fragrance for men

This Niche summer fragrance for men is from house of famous creed and this is a niche fragrance. Sadly most people have very bad impressions on it because they are using the fragrance at wrong time. When you are in the fragrance game be sure to remember that the most important thing about fragrance is the versatility. You need to dress up for the season and the occasion. If you wore a summer clubbing fragrance in winter office day, they you are becoming a country wide joke. So know your seasons , know your fragrances. This will help you to smell nicely and good. So obviously , this is a creed and it suited for summer days. So if these my friends who tried it on any other seasons other than summer you need to have a little bit of patients till summer comes to review your opinions.

Creed Virgin island water

Creed Virgin island water is a very fresh fragrance and very summery. What you think when you remember summer? Probably the beaches right and what is there on the beach ? Coconut trees and lemon. Yes this is the main ingredients in this fragrance and have very expensive touch to it. This is a niche fragrance for men by house of creed. So this is surely can wore for anytime whether its formal or informal events. But since you are paying heavy bucks for it, I would suggest keep it with formal events in the summer.


Creed Virgin island water is inspired by ginger island in Caribbean and sailing wind smell in trade routes of sir francis drake channel. The perfume was introduced in 2007 with combination of olivier creed sixth generation an erwin creed seventh generation.

Scent and notes

Niche summer fragrance for men

Opening notes

This is very summer and beach fragrance. You get the feel of ocean breeze from It. The opening notes are lime ,coconut, mandarin and bergamot. Little bit of saltiness is there.

Dry down

According to official information middle notes are ginger , jasmine , Hibiscus and yiang, yiang. And the base notes are musk,sugar and whiterum. But with the dry now the most noticeable notes are coconut , lime and bit of whiterum . Rest of the smell mixed with these and gives a cocktail feeling.


Even though this is a Niche summer fragrance for men, lots of people don’t get the beast mode performance from it. Mainly I think in my personal opinion it is due to the fact that they are using it in wrong season. If you are using it in very high heat summer I think this would give you beast mode performance. Other reasons are most probably batch variation and slightly skin differences. But I can guarantee that Creed Virgin island water gives you very good performance in summer high heat. Easily last longer than 8 hours.


This Niche summer fragrance for men is a summer baby. The hotter the better. It will keep increase projection with the heat. For more than 8 hours as long as heat is there the projection stayed withing 2 feets with you constantly and this makes you smell like a pirate. Which is amazing in my point of view.


Even though this is a Niche summer fragrance for men, the Creed Virgin island water can’t use for too much of a formal occasion and high caution “don’t use it without hot weather” you will kick yourself for wearing it. I would say this is a fit for mature guy with age more than at least 25 years old and in summer vacation in a luxury hotel. Or any summer events parties, great stuff.


Niche summer fragrance for men

Usual creed bottle design. Unique niche box with usual information and poster about the creed. juice is very light blue where you cant really see it unless you look very carefully. Overall decent presentation . Oceanic feeling and expensive look is there like all the creeds. You will feel you are a rich guy just by holding this creed. Sprayers is really good. Just like all the creeds. I think for this bottle creed standards exists.


Price for 100ml bottle is around 230$ to 250$ in amazon. The prices varies for 2 reasons. No-01 because the batch variant and it is a Niche summer fragrance for men not a just summer fragrance for men. House of creed always try to bring out best fragrance to keep their status high. So they are using best essence and rare essence to extract the feel of it. So I think as for the creed standards the bottle is worth.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances .
Here i will link to verified Amazon creed store.
If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local creed showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


My conclusion. As a Niche summer fragrance for men, the Creed Virgin island water is number 01 if you know how to use it and when to use it. This fragrance is best when its very hot you are in a casual event without a suit. If you have the bucks, want to have an expensive and memorable vacation go for Creed Virgin island water because it gives the best best self confident and  relaxed feeling.

Ratings (in summer heat)

  • Scent – 9.5
  • Projection – 9.0
  • Presentation – 9.0
  • Versatility – 8.0
  • Longevity – 9.5
  • overall – 45/50


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