Office fragrance for men – Prada L’homme Intense

Office fragrance for men - Prada L'homme Intense

Office fragrance for men

Office fragrance for men is required in most cases because most of us men working in offices or anything related to that. You can’t smell sumer sexy hot like a clubbing fragrance in office or very dry fragrance like Creed Virgin Island water in office environment. You need somewhat appealing yet not so strong with scent. This is where house of Prada comes to your rescue. Original Prada L’homme was the early release but due to their huge success they had released intense version

Prada L’homme Intense

Prada L’homme Intense is very light and natural fragrance or atleast it used to be with Prada L’homme. But with recent release of Prada L’homme Intense have masculine vibe in it. Prada L’homme Intense released in 2017. Perfumer daniela (Roche) Andrier invented both Prada L’homme Intense and Prada L’homme.

Scent and notes

Office fragrance for men - Prada L'homme Intense

Opening notes

Original Prada L’homme has very fresh opening with very light notes. But in Prada L’homme Intense it has included leather and tonka beans to enhance the masculine smell more. Opening notes of Prada L’homme Intense are Iris and Patchoull.

Dry down.

In the dry down Prada L’homme Intense have very intense leather and tonka bean smell mixed to iris and patchoull. Additionally the base notes have a little bit of amber and sandalwood mixed to it. Overall great very light smell which is not overly masculine but pretty much you can play safe.


Prada L’homme Intense has much better longevity than Prada L’homme. But be remember that regardless of what the fragrances are, this is a winter or fall time fragrance. Which also includes more of office time with under the AC. So it gives much more longevity in that sense. If you wish to play safe in office, this is a perfect office fragrance for men because of this light notes and the longevity under the cold weather. In winter or cold weather nights , easily I would say 8 hours last long.


Intense version projection is much better. Beside Leather only smell good with the projection. If you smell leather up close you don’t really much like Prada L’homme Intense. After the first half hour or so takes time to settle down and then after that floral scent strikes. In winter cold days I would say Prada L’homme Intense goes between 3 to 4 hour good projection. In an close door environment like office the scent keeps around you for few more hours. Which is great floral and fresh scent and great safe office fragrance for men


You can wore it anywhere you going to play safe. But I believe this is much better office fragrance for men. Prada L’homme is more of florally and unisex vibe to it. But Prada L’homme Intense has leather which totally make the scent a gent scent. So you can wore it to events as well. But I would say there are much better option for different events. If you read my website you would find thousands of them. So keep the Prada L’homme Intense as your goto office fragrance for men. It will gives you more pleasant and healthier work environment.


Compared to original white Prada L’homme the Prada L’homme Intense has very masculine touch to the box as well as bottle. Box is dark color leathery print on it. And bottle is dark and masculine with Prada L’homme design to it. Cap and the sides are metal. Sprayer is pretty awesome. I think it gives one of the best mist of all the time.


An authentic brand new Prada L’homme Intense would cost around 100$ for 100ml bottle. Yes guys its not cheap. But since Prada L’homme Intense great complement factor I don’t think you will regret paying for it. May be its a good idea if you could spend few samples just to check its alright and then go for the bottle. Again an advice like always. “Buy from amazon or from your local showroom of designer house” . There are cheap or refurbished products everywhere and you don’t want to spend money on these.
When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances .
Here i will link to verified Amazon Prada store.
If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Prada showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


Prada L’homme Intense is a great office fragrance for men. Prada L’homme is more of floral and clean fresh scent while Prada L’homme Intense have more masculine and deep notes to it. Great compliment getter among women. It is a new fragrance so its better to use it before get too popular and people get bored of it.


  • Scent – 9.0
  • Projection – 8.5
  • Presentation – 9.0
  • Versatility – 8.0
  • Longevity – 9.0
  • overall – 43.5/50


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