Salvatore Ferragamo F black

Salvatore Ferragamo F black

The name is Salvatore Ferragamo F black

This is the name I put for the famous Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance because the original name is very long. Salvatore ferragamo F by Ferragamo Black pour homme. One of the longest names I have heard in fragrance community. Regardless of the naming conflict, in my personal opinion Salvatore Ferragamo F black is the one of a great fragrances that can be found in fragrance game. You must know that perfumes don’t define by its price. Rather it define by its smell. This is one of these fragrances that can even beat Clive Christian line extract de parfum level.

You won’t be surprise about if when you heard who made Salvatore Ferragamo F black. It’s all famous perfumer Olivier polge. Even if you don’t know his name I am very sure you heard atleast one of his fragrances. Dolce & gabbana the one, dior homme, Paco Rabanne invictus and viktor and rolf Spicebomb are only few. So you pretty much understand who we talk about. Salvatore Ferragamo F black made it out on 2009 as a Spicy Floral and manly perfume and it live up to the reputation

Scent and notes

Salvatore Ferragamo F black

Opening notes

Top or opening notes are in my opinion bit harsh. An alcohol blast with and a bit synthetic lavender. As the official notes say, may be apple is there. But I am not big fan of it. Not one of the greatest opening in my opinion. Wear it 10 to 15 minutes before you go out .

Dry down

Dry down is where the place all magic contain. Lavender, Tonka bean and black pepper comes out mixed with Labdanum (sweet vanilla kind of)  and coriander. This smell goes very similar to YSL la nuit de l’homme. Very famous perfume. Also it has the vibe of CH Man prive (not the smell but the vibe). Lots of people love it and I personally love the dry down. I believe for the price point great smell you can get.


This is a 100% cold weather and night perfume. So the longevity is tend to be long. Not that much of a beast. But I think it will last about 6-8 hours based on the humidity and weather. That is in my opinion easily good enough for the price point. Other than Armaf line, this is the only cheap perfume I come across with gives a good longevity with decent smell.


Salvatore Ferragamo F black has pretty decent projection. Usually the projection last for more or less 3 to 4 hours. That being said silage will be around arm length to 4 or 5 feet. So that I consider enough silage and smell decent for occasion. Related to projection what not to do with this fragrance is over spray and goes out just after you put it on. Won’t work and people will hate it. So wear it. Spend good 15 minutes before you goes to public and people surely tend to like it. Surely the lavender and tonka bean will catch you the deserved love.


This fragrance application goes similar to CH Man Prive. This is a winter fragrance. May be its okay to wear at fall and cold spring. Not good at warm weather. This fragrance can be wear by any age group without an issue. Mature people will be benefit more from this but that doesn’t mean its not suited for younger audience. So in my honest opinion, this will be a good fragrance for use in winter and fall.


Not that all amazing presentation. But somewhat unique. What catches my eye is that the bottle bottom not flat. Rather it was designed as small vent in between. It looks nice. Box is pretty standard black box with bunch of information. Cap is contain with heavy plastic and it gives sound of sealing when press. But don’t pick up from cap because it will definitely fall off. Sprayer is one of the good ones out there. The juice color is transparent. So that is one good thing if you wearing white shirts. Because sometimes when the perfume dry the color patch stays on the shirt.


Salvatore Ferragamo F black has very attractive price just under 30$ mark for 100ml juice. There are 3 standard size bottles with 30ml , 50ml and 100ml. May be the lowest price is due to Salvatore Ferragamo designer house is mainly a shoe designer. Rather in 1998  (recently) they join the perfume game . So maybe this is the reason Salvatore Ferragamo F black goes for a low price. I believe this is worth the price. Good perfume for good price.



Salvatore Ferragamo F black is a cheap manly fragrance that is ideal for winter or cold weather. The main notes are lavender, tonka bean and black pepper. The price is very cheap compare to lot of other designer houses and it’s worth the price point.


  • Scent – 9.0
  • Projection – 8.0
  • Presentation – 8.0
  • Versatility – 8.0
  • Longevity – 9.0
  • overall – 42/50


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