Tom Ford Tobacco oud – An Autumn king

Tom Ford Tobacco oud

Tom Ford Tobacco oud

Tom Ford Tobaocco oud fragrance came out in 2013 as a unisex fragrance. Since then it attract lot of attention among the fragrance community and people often brave enough to call this one of the best in house of Tom Ford. The perfumer behind this creation is master Olivier Gillotin. (I am not sure why most perfumers has Olivier or similar names often though) The fragrance come out as Oriented tobacco mix with hint of mature friendly. Without further due lets dive down to the breakdown of Tom Ford Tobacco oud. There are 2 major fragrances that excel in Tobacco notes with tom ford. One is tom ford tobacco oud while other one  is famous  winter fragrance tom ford tobacco vanille.

Tom Ford private private blend

Tom ford has set of fragrance series for purchase in the market today. Out of all that, the tom ford private blend series is the most expensive niche type fragrances available. The series starts at 2007 with famous fragrance Tom Ford purple patchouli and since then many many tom ford private blend fragrances out there at the market. The signature fragrance bottle look as well as the most fragrances being unisex in the series attract lot of attention from men and women. Also a major significant in this line is that fragrances are most of them suitable for winter time.


Scent and notes

Tom Ford Tobacco oud
Opening notes

Opening is very rich and very domineering. The off the top there are lot of tobacco and lot of spices. But all in all the up top is straight out whiskey sweetness. The spices such as cinnamon , coriander and many more spicy notes comes with a bang on top. So when you first wear it. Its very domineering. Has the effect of canceling out other fragrances.

Tom Ford Tobacco oud
Dry down.

With the dry down the main ingredients comes out. The tobacco the oud and sandalwood as well as dying spicy notes all get together to create much more stable perfume link. The scent becomes very very smooth after the dry down. Keep in mind though this is not a fresh perfume. Its very dry and not suited for a sunny days. The vanilla , pachouli as well as hint of incense also considered as base notes for Tom Ford Tobacco oud.



Tom Ford Tobacco oud is very long lasting Fragrance .This is the Tom Ford private blend the more expensive line. So they can’t afford to lose the longevity aspect. The common perception is that in winter or fall the Tom Ford Tobacco oud last for more than 7 hours straight and can goes up to 12 hours without a problem. No performance issues there. You get up close and personal after may be 15 hours and you still get the sniff of little oud tobacco mix. So I would say in longevity aspect, tom ford is winner just like our popular Parfums de Marly.



Sillage is somewhat pretty moderate in this fragrance. You wont get beast mode projection with tom fords. But it creates a bubble with arm length of you. Anyone comes inside of this barrier blasted with amazing smooth fragrance wave. This last for more than 5 hours in winter without an issue. Sometimes even more before fragrance goes in near to skin. All in all I would say this is one of the better projection perfumes I have seen even with the little sillage distance hick up.



This is very challenging and daring fragrance . Its love or hate type. Either you love it to the extreme or you hate it to the extreme. You need to have guts to pull this off. More suitable for men I would say even though it marked as unisex. This is very dry and not that sweet for winter. So I say this is more of a fall fragrance but you can wear it for winter also without a problem . The most suitable time for Tom Ford Tobacco oud to come out is at night time. Specially with tobacco and all the spiciness goes greatly with the night sky. So I would say this is a perfect scent for a age 25- 45 guy with a suit who goes out for party at night in mid fall.



Tom ford private blend has very unique presentation. Specially from the bottle perspective. Its somewhat like creed aventus. You don’t see the fancy colors and amazing shape bottles but the uniqueness and amazing design gives much more attraction. The bottle is black colored and made out of glass. In side there is a tom ford silver badge with concentration name as well as the size of the bottle. Cap is also one of the heavier counter parts . Specially with awesome design to it. The sprayer is very decent. It is within the expectation of a niche standards.



Well this is one of a problem when it comes to Tom Ford. Specially the private blend series. They are freaking expensive. You can buy little bit of similar tobacco related perfume for 100$ less. But its not tom ford. You don’t get the quality of tom ford. The price is goes between 220$ to 250$ for 100ml bottles but do you know tom ford are one of the best selling perfumes out there? . So even though its expensive still people buy means its worth the money you are spending.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances .Here i will link to verified Amazon Tom Ford store. If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Tom Ford showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)



Tom Ford Tobacco oud is a mature tobacco , oriental dry spicy fragrance belong to tom ford private blend series. One of the best Autumn fragrances out there. Arguably Tobacco oud resides within the Tom ford’s top 3 fragrances.



  • Scent – 9.5
  • Projection – 8.5
  • Presentation – 9.0
  • Versatility – 8.5
  • Longevity – 9.5
  • overall – 45/50


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