Versace dylan blue – Semi fresh fragrance for men

Versace dylan blue – Semi fresh fragrance for men

Semi fresh fragrance for men

Semi fresh fragrance for men are the fragrances that are having characteristics of both fresh fragrance as well as non- fresh fragrances. So what is fresh fragrance. Fresh fragrances are the fragrances that are having very light notes of ocean , citrus or floral. While rest of the other heavy fragrances with different type of notes are called non-fresh fragrances. So What so special about semi fresh fragrance for men? The specialty is that with its semi features its become very very versatile fragrance. You can wore a semi fresh fragrance anywhere anytime due to its rough and soft notes. Versace dylan blue is one such a rare and fine craft from designer house Versace for general public

Versace dylan blue


If You ask me what is Versace dylan blue then my answer is mix of Acqua di gio profumo and Dior Sauvage. Literally its mix of both of these fragrances. The fragrance launched by house of Versace under the pour homme collection. Versace house want to make Versace dylan blue a summer fragrance due to its watery and bergamot smell. But that doesn’t stop you from wearing anywhere you want. Thats the power of semi fresh fragrance for men.

Scent and notes

Versace dylan blue – Semi fresh fragrance for men

Opening notes

Opening notes are watery , grapefruit, bergamot and pig leaves. But the strongest one among these are the bergamot and watery smell.

Dry down.

In dry down. The shower gel feeling goes away and instead it replaced by Ambroxan like Dior sauavage, Patchouli grapefruit and bergamot. This is very mixed smell from fresh and non fresh but they dont fight each other so thats why the fragrance is very solid and high versatility.


Versace dylan blue is up there with the club of almost dior sauvage or Versace eros. Easily in summer long lasting around 8 hours. The consistency might drop over the time but its still there with other heavy performances. Its very good performance for a semi fresh fragrance for men. Specially due to fresh ingredients are tend to get very less longevity. Thats why Versace dylan blue becomes a solid creation from house of Versace


A Moderate projection for 2-4 hours based on your skin the weather and the place factor. However thats a usually expectation from many fragrances. Versace dylan blue don’t have a smell trail like creed fragrances yet the smell is consistent for few hours with the distance of arm length long. As long as someone comes into your personal space, they will able to smell Versace dylan blue very good. If its on the dry down you would totally get compliments.


This is where Versace dylan blue shines. One of unique traits of semi fresh fragrance for men. The high versatility. You can wore this in all seasons, indoor outdoor and office to school anywhere. Compare to dior sauvage, Versace dylan blue have a bit more mature notes mainly due to its patchouli notes. So its even good for audience with 40 and after. Specially since mature fragrances are costly this is a great alternative.


Versace dylan blue has the unique Versace presentation. Box is very good. A blue colored box with golden color designers and letters. Side of the box has golden color greek patterns embedded to it. Bottle is a blue gem shape and the medusa crest embedded to the bottle in golden color. Cap and the bottle neck also have the golden color. Sprayer is bellow average. My personal experience, I am not a big fan of the sprayer.


Very average price fragrance. A 100ml bottle is goes around 40$ to 50$. Which is pretty much affordable range. Anyone who is not so fragrance maniac but want to buy a decent fragrance to wore everywhere. I would say its totally worth it. You don’t need more fragrances if you have Versace dylan blue in your pocket.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances. Here i will link to verified Amazon Versace store. If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Versace showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


Versace dylan blue is a great semi fresh fragrance for men. Due to its high versatility, its there with the famous dior sauvage. Overall for the price, the performance and the scent is very great. A high compliment getter. An all round fragrance.


  • Scent – 8.5
  • Projection – 8.0
  • Presentation – 8.5
  • Versatility – 9.5
  • Longevity – 9.0
  • overall – 43.5/50


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