VIP fragrance for men – amouage jubilation xxv

VIP fragrance for men - amouage jubilation xxv

VIP fragrance for men

If there is a VIP fragrance for men existing in the world that would probably be amouage jubilation xxv. Why I am saying that is because amouage jubilation xxv considered as perfume made for kings. Or kings perfume. One of the most expensive, complex and best blend and careful blend fragrances of all the time. I am going to be honest with you guys amouage jubilation xxv is expensive. Some of the batch codes which made in oman are hell lot of costlier than even creed. Can goes upto around 400$ or even more. So be ready to prepared to get VIP treatment with VIP fragrance.


Amouage jubilation xxv

In niche fragrance game, amouage jubilation xxv is at the top of the ladder. No matter how many fragrances hyped and falls. This one still stay at the crown and watching all the drama. amouage jubilation xxv is made for kings. So you should always show some respect if someone decided to wore it because he knows his fragrances.

Amouage jubilation xxv was released in 2008 with respect to amouage’s 25th anniversary. So They wanted to do something special and thats how amouage jubilation xxv came out. This VIP fragrance for men was handy creation of a perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. Till to this date the fame of Amouage jubilation xxv still in the air and it will continue to get lot of attraction from lot of VIP s all over the world.


Scent and notes

VIP fragrance for men - amouage jubilation xxv

Opening notes

Amouage jubilation xxv has very very complex notes. So many combination of notes yet the fragrance is very smooth you can’t find distinct unbalances. Orange, Coriander, Labdanum ciste, Blackberry, Frankincense ,Davana according to different fragrance reviewers But scent I get from Amouage jubilation xxv is more of Blackberry dominant frontal attack.

Dry down.

This fragrance notes are so many and very complex. Even the base notes and middle notes are very very complex. Gaiac Wood, Cinnamon ,Honey, Bay, Rose, Orchid, Clove, Celery are middle notes and Patchouli, Opoponax, Musk ,Myrrh, Immortelle, Moss, cedarwood ,Ambergris, Oud are base notes. For my nose though this VIP fragrance for men brings mostly Blackberry, Oud and Opoponax. Rest of the complex notes come and goes through the longevity of Amouage jubilation xxv


Pretty decent for its caliber. You can’t expect beast mode performance like dior sauvage here But in winter time you get around 8 to 10 hours consistent longevity. That would be more than enough for you to cover many occasions and parties



Projection is not so much because this is EDP concentration. You get around 2.5 feet maximum range around you in winter and it wont go away regardless of how much time passes till It comes to the end of longivity period. Very good consistent projection even though you cant smell Amouage jubilation xxv from 10 feet away.


Amouage jubilation xxv is Winter time VIP fragrance for men. Not so versatile comparatively because of its royal nature. You can wore this to any high class suit wearing function. But I believe you should keep this fragrance for only special occasions as a memory. You know fragrance can get associate with memories right? For example when you smell the fragrance you remember of your wedding. Its that kind of fragrance. So my advice, winter , special occasions , very very special occasions.


VIP fragrance for men - amouage jubilation xxv

Just like all the Amouage the presentation is one of the top notch. These VIP fragrance for men not your day today fragrances. They are specially made for special crowd. If you read it this far then you should know that you are in right track. You need to buy these someday in your life because as a man you you need your signature. Something define your value.


New Amouage jubilation xxv version caps are magnetic but in older versions its plastic and you shouldn’t be worried buying the plastic version. The bottle is amazing the golden crown in front of the bottle and golden color juice inside the bottle. Sprayer is good. Premium quality and box comes with a little stage for bottle. Inside the box fully velvet and cushioned and box made our of hard cardboard. Just a glance at Amouage jubilation xxv gives you the feeling of VIP fragrance for men.




There are different price points go for Amouage jubilation xxv and non of them are by any means lower. The perfume made in UK and oman. Based on the batch code and variations. The price goes between 300$ to 500$ for 100ml bottle. Don’t buy anything lower pricey than that because they are either not authentic or refurbished. When you buy VIP fragrance for men, Either buy from amazon prime or amazon recommended sellers or Amouage outlets. Don’t trust any other sellers because they can be either faked or refurbished.

When buying fragrances Always ALWAYS buy from authentic sellers. There are lots of fake or refurbished fragrances .
Here i will link to verified Amazon Amouage store. If you are not able to buy online then the best is visit your local Amouage showroom.(kindly disable your adblocker if you can’t see the links to amazon)


If you are a man with status and money Amouage jubilation xxv is a must have VIP fragrance for men. Amouage is not a low end niche house and they made real fragrances for real men. Fragrance is having masculine smell to it with fruity ,spice and oud taste to It. The notes are very complex. If you have the bucks. Go for the sample first. Then go for the “Genuine” bottle because its worth it.


  • Scent – 10.0
  • Projection – 9.0
  • Presentation – 9.5
  • Versatility – 9.0
  • Longevity -9.0
  • overall – 46.5/50


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